Heated vests for divers

Heating vest for divers - under the dry suit
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Heated vest for divers has been developed by our engineers and produced in Poland.

The vest boasts four elastic heating panels with conductive fibres : two panels at the front and two panels at the back. This ensures even distribution of heat over the whole surface. Heating panels are located in specially designed inner pockets of the vest.

The vest is energy saving — with 12 V of supply voltage it needs only 3,5 A – 42 W.
The vest warms up to 45°C and ensures thermal comfort under water.

The vest is designed for use under dry suit.
The vest is made of nice in touch and durable polyester fabric on the outer side. On the inner side there is a double lining with additional warming layer. The vest is available in sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL — it can be additionally fitted to size using rubber pullers with velcro fastening.
The vest has two outer pockets on the chest (9x12 cm and 9x16 cm), where you can put internal battery or piezoelectric switch to supply vest, gloves, etc. Power cable can end with any plug: T-Dean or Santi connectors /option/ .
Power cable is 60 cm long.
Complete set includes: Heated vest, case,

The product is covered by 24-month guarantee.


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45 Degree Celsius

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Heated vests for divers

Heating vest for divers - under the dry suit

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