Motorcycle Heated Vest - profiled

Motorcycle Heated Vest - profiled

Electrically heated vest is an alternative for people who are particularly vulnerable to cold: motorcyclists, anglers, hunters, and people doing external work. The vest has four heating zones: two at the front on the chest and two on the back – in the shoulder and lumbar region. The heating zones are thin, 1 mm thick flexible heating panels that are integrated inside the vest. The heating panels are made of special carbon fibers which give off heat under the influence of voltage supply – the panels are invisible, imperceptible. The maximum temperature we can get is approx. 40-50 degrees Celsius. S-4XL sizes, Polish product, price and quality competitive to imported vests. The temperature of the vest is regulated by means of a smart switch with a thermostat, the regulation occurs in three levels: 100% power – red backlight three dashes, 60% – red two dashes, 30% – red one dash. The panels have a current protection, the maximum power consumed 30W.

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