Wireless controller for switching

Wireless Piezo Switch for switching heating of clothing

Piezoelectric wireless switch has been developed and built by our engineers.

The switch is designed for wireless activating and deactivating heated underwater clothing.
Consists of two modules:
a/ Internal module — connected between internal battery and the wire powering heated clothing
    The module is located in the inner pocket of a diving vest.
b/ External/hermetic module — to control the internal module using a piezo button.
    Pressing the button triggers a wireless impulse which actives or deactivates the heated clothing transmitter module.
    The controller is fastened to a belt with a snap hook.
Complete set includes: internal module with a transmitter, external module/controller with a string to fasten to a belt.


Instrukcja Wyłącznika Piezo

Download (203.99k)


Download (204.04k)

Operating instructions

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Wireless controller for switching

Wireless Piezo Switch for switching heating of clothing

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