We can design and make Glazing Panels for your clothing/vest, jacket, pants, overalls/- which you assembly yourself

– Universal heated clothes , i.e., heated vests and heated jackets for people who need an additional source of heat, e.g., motorcyclists, skiers, anglers, hunters, employees who work outside. special infrared heating panels that will be supplied with 11-14V voltage are sewn into clothing.

– Diving heating – Heated diving vests, heated gloves, adapters/connectors/for additive valves APEKS, SITECH

– Solar clothing – vests and jackets where elastic solar panels are sewn in, which recharge the battery of our Smartphone or MP3 player.

– We will also present materials for use in individual designs, such as conductive threads and electronic modules adapted for sewing into clothes, i.e.,  LilyPad – Arduino modules.